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Fact or Fiction

FICTION"All agents are the same, it doesn't matter who you choose"
FACTThis is THE biggest decision when selling - your property is one of your biggest financial assets. Do your research; see for yourself that we are not the same as the others!
FICTION"It's just a matter of waiting for the right buyer to come along"
FACTYour property needs to be marketed proactively to attract a buyer and your representative needs to be working for you to find that buyer and secure a sale - there is no waiting when a property is for sale.
FICTION"It's the current property market, not your home"
FACTThere is no time like the present to sell your home, if you are ready there are always purchasers searching for their perfect home.
FICTION"It's in the wrong location"
FACTThe location of a property does not stop a buyer
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