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“When Lewis called us from McMahon Real Estate, I was surprised to find how much care and understanding he had of the real estate market. While the market is difficult at the best of time Lewis really had great knowledge and insight into what was needed to sell our property in this market. Because of the patients and understanding McMahon Real Estate showed we were able to sell our property and move forward with our other investments.  McMahon Real Estate really is a professional and experienced team.  Before we found McMahon Real Estate we had tried selling our property privately and with other real estate agents with no luck.  Not knowing how McMahon Real Estate operated we did not know what to expect, but found out pretty soon that they had all the answers we needed to complete the sale of our property.  Selling our property has enabled us to move on to other investments and helped us look forward to our future in the property market.  Selling our property has given us better cash flow for other investments.  We would recommend anyone who is looking for a very professional and knowledgeable real estate company to try McMahon Real Estate as their first option, see firsthand how aware they are of the current market and to take the opportunities that Lewis and his team at McMahon Real Estate present to them.”
C & M McIntosh - Wannanup

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