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"I  was recently in the unenviable position, of being forced to sell my home. I hadn’t had a full time job for a very long time, and I had exhausted all other options.  I initially placed my home on the market with an Owner Seller company. It was not their fault that I failed to sell, the truth is, is that I was still trying my absolute hardest to keep my home, as I had lived there a long time, and I loved it, and I also loved it’s very scenic location.  Lewis McMahon of McMahon Real Estate initially contacted me when I first listed as an Owner Seller to see how I was going. I was honest about my situation, and he was very understanding. By the time the bank insisted I choose a realtor, I had spoken to Lewis twice at length, and so I chose him to be my agent.  I was quite a mess, and he verbally supported me throughout the process. I ABSOLUTELY could not have done it without him.   Luckily for me, I did have some equity in my home and therefore had some options. It was still agonisingly painful, but he helped keep me moving forwards. As Christmas was fast approaching, I desperately needed to find another home, and Lewis helped with that. He sourced a great realtor for me, in my favoured location, and helped when I was uncertain with what to do. As my budget was extremely tight, I also looked at homes in other locations, and discussed my options with him.  January arrived and I was running out of time, and I again used Lewis’s help. Thanks to him, I ended up choosing a home that was in the best location and condition for my budget. And so here I am now, in my very nice smaller older home, with scenic views, living in my favourite country town."
S Royle, Morley WA
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